Lost and Lonely

I’m lost and lonely, with nowhere to go,
Alone and lost there in the snow,
No one quite knows what to do,
I seem to be waiting for some kind of cue.

Give a little to get a little, what else is new?
Nothing goes right for just one of the few,
But everything turns out in the end, right?
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to take flight.

I have to fly away from here,
Away from all my friends so dear,
But I’ll be lost and lonely again,
Lost and lonely without any friends.

Who cares for the lost, lonely one?
Who on Earth would be so dumb?
Whoever you are, you must not know,
Who I am or where I’ll go.

But then again, neither do I,
I have no idea where I’ll fly,
Far away, I have to hope,
Somewhere where I will not have to mope.

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