You are Beautiful

You’re in an awful state of mind
You’ve even started to believe,
Those voices that say they are kind,
Yet they only make you grieve.

They’ve totally convinced you,
Of things unable to unthink,
Now you think that they are true,
But to see truth you need but to blink.

You need to see that it’s all okay,
I think someday you will see that,
Someday you’ll see as clear as day,
You are beautiful and that is that.

You are beautiful, is that clear?
You are not ugly, or stupid or fat,
You are you, I love you my dear,
For being precisely that.

You dream of being someone else,
Of being happy again,
But think again, for that dream is false,
When you have such wonderful friends.

Keep dreaming, stop doubting,
All the little things,
They are what I love about,
You, the one who always sings.

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