I’m Nothing Special

I know that I’m no genius,
And that I’m not much of a sight,
Of me, please don’t make a fuss,
If I disappear in the night.

I know I’m not that great,
I know I’m not important,
But of all, it’s me I hate,
In the very last possible instant.

I can’t do anything much without help,
I’m ugly, shy and dumb,
I can’t explain to you how I’ve felt,
Suffocated under my own thumb.

I can’t hear your voice through the fog of my mind,
I know I must seem so thick,
And I also must be a little blind,
Just a little bit.

I can’t see how ‘beautiful’,
Everyone says I am,
All I see is something dull,
I don’t understand.

So goodbye to those who swear I’m happy,
Goodbye, I want no more,
Goodbye, I no longer want to see,
Anything but the approaching floor.

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