Mixed Emotions

I remember I said long ago,
I wouldn’t ever fall from up high,
But how, back then could I know,
That I’d need this to get by?

I remember my promises to myself,
Such empty promises I can now see,
I fell, so far and without much help,
For something I can’t even be.

I know it seems so distant now,
I told myself never to dream this way,
All I need to know is HOW,
How I manage with each day.

Now dare I say, I think I’m in love,
Maybe, just maybe I am,
But how would I know? The word fits like a glove,
Something, I might just understand.

I feel happy and sad, both at the same time,
I don’t know which I’d prefer,
I can’t exactly start to whine,
Or whinge about how my life’s ‘over’.

So I think I’ll just keep quiet,
Say not a thing, I swear,
The inside of my mind is a riot,
I’m just glad I can keep on my hair.

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