The Secret Angel

The secret angel flies at the secret hour, the hour of the night that no one knows exists, and the rest of the world has closed it’s eyes for a blissful rest.  She flies forever, endlessly, and there is nothing she loves more than those early morning flights.  That’s the only reason she still exists.  She wakes up, and walks around aimlessly, going nowhere, and yet getting everywhere at the same time.  That’s the thing about secret angels.  They don’t really exist.  The secret angels are the ones that have been downcast from heaven in shame and evil, for whatever heinous crime they had committed.  Well, most of them.  This one, however chose to live in solitude.  She can’t remember the last time she saw an angel, other than herself, but then, she doesn’t want to.  She doesn’t want them to see her, to know about her, or they would make her leave this place – her secret place.  A secret angel in a secret little cove.  She doesn’t even deserve to be called an angel.  She left her kind, flew away from trouble and curled up in a little ball, hoping to be forgotten.  The only label she deserves is coward.  She deserves every sorrow, every pain, because she herself brought it upon her.  Soon, though, she will fade away into nothing, like ashes in the wind.  That’s what happens when people forget.

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