Save Me

Somebody save me,
From this monster of my own,
I simply cannot see,
Why I must suffer alone.

But I do so anyway,
What’s the point in telling the truth,
That I loathe myself each day,
When I smile, it feels uncouth.

Every minute of every day I do,
I do feel such a pain,
And made even worse when you,
Say nice things through my rain.

You compliment me all the time,
But it only hurts all the more,
Why must you be so kind,
When I hate myself to the very core?

I just want someone to save me,
Someone to hug me and say,
“Don’t you worry, you will see,
Everything will work out someday.

I am here for you, I understand,
I know it’s very hard for you,
I’ll go with you, hand in hand,
Whatever I can do for you.”

But I don’t deserve to be saved,
Not by you, not by anyone,
My laughter’s fake, my smile wavered,
And now I know the pain has won.

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