Darkness, Love me, when No one else Will.

This darkness,
This sweet, deadly darkness,
Is suffocating me,
I can’t breathe,

I’m surely going to die one day,
Because of this most horrid pain,
I regret many things, but out of all,
I regret even existing at all.

The darkness is taking my mind away,
I’m going mad, I think, today,
And this pain is way too much, you see,
Oh, how I hate being me.

I hate myself, and all my brokenness,
I hate not being  good enough,
I despise the things that make me sad,
Like my helplessness, and being mad.

How do I tell them I’m not OK,
That I want to die more and more with each day?
How do I explain just how I feel,
When they won’t listen to something so real.

They won’t understand how cold this darkness,
Or how much I wish to escape it,
They don’t understand me at all,
I don’t ever recall being so small.

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