How to Be Beautiful

Dear the girls,
Who ‘aren’t good enough’
Whose lives are so hard,
And things seem so tough.

Dear the girls,
Who try more than is fair,
Who give all that they’ve got,
And still no one cares.

Here are some tips,
To help you on your way,
And I know you’ll realise,
That your lives are okay.

Wear too much makeup,
And dress like a slut,
And act like you don’t care,
With your face in your butt,

Make sure you sound stupid,
Whenever you speak,
And don’t try to think at all,
Cos’ that’d make you weak.

How to be beautiful?
Some people may well ask,
Then don’t do these things,
And that line you’ll have passed.

You don’t need these things,
To make you seem pretty,
You just need to be confident,
And clever and witty.

One Response to “How to Be Beautiful”

  1. This was a great poem, love the ending!

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