Kenna, Queen of Darkness

The dark circles underneath Kenna’s eyes are not the only thing that seem slightly off.  So does Kenna.  She is a broken girl, full of broken dreams and a yearning heart that could never truly be fulfilled.  As she stood there, shadow-less in the lamplight, one would doubt that she wasn’t a ghost, that she was dead.  They would be close to the truth, too.  Kenna has never really belonged anywhere, and her happiness always seems to escape her, seems to run far away, then taunt her as she tries to reach through the troubling bars of sadness.  Try as she might, Kenna would never reach what she desires most.  Nothing in this world is left for her but regret and disappointment.  She cannot escape from that dangerous yearning of her unbeating heart, the quiet whisper of her shattered dreams.  How she had come to be, and why were a mystery.  She is the one you cannot see, the one who is left behind.  But she is the one who cannot be forgotten.  She is darkness itself, the shadows she lurks in.  She hasn’t slept in so long, as she has been too busy creating the darkness for all to be afraid of.  Thoughts of that temporary darkness swirl in her head as she walks along the lamp-lit street.  Her clothes are dark as her, a black dress with a simple belt, and black leggings.  She wears no shoes on her feet, but that of the darkness.  Her clothes seem to be made from pure rage, and hatred.  They seem to reflect the state of her shattered mind.  She stops walking for a moment, and clenches one of her fists.  The streetlights all shatter, shards of glass cascading down, around her like a waterfall, and where light should emanate from only darkness was seen.  A cruel, thin smile forms on her lips as she laughs mirthlessly at how much power was at her disposal.  Everything – she had everything, but a greed that can only be bred from the dark makes her want, no, need, more.  Fear was hers to command, and she could use it as her strongest weapon of her biggest arsenal.  The light may make her shudder and burn, but she had the power to vanquish that, and all that comes with it.  Her insane giggles echoes off the fences as she walks past, and destroys every light she passes.  So began her dark and merciless reign.

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