Demons – A piece from my latest story

There are demons in all of us, don’t you see?  Why can people never see them?  They only ever see the lights that shine in their faces, the demons buried until they burst out, unable to be contained.  What is the matter with people that they never discover their true selves, the demons?  We are demons, all of us.  We all sin, unforgiveably, and we don’t even realise.  Isn’t that undeniable proof?  Think about that for a while.  I am a demon.  I never can enter into the light because of my evil activities.  I don’t want to be a demon anymore.  It is far too hard to be separated from everone else, to be lonely forever.  It hurts too much.  I don’t know what I will do.  Maybe I’ll just step into the light, to watch myself fade away.

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