A Nobody’s Song

I am Nothing,

From me you run,

And scream at night,

From me you cry,

With Nothing to comfort you.

I am Nothing,

No one has seen me,

And Everyone too,

Everyone sees me,

Except maybe for you.

I am Nothing,

I am the whisperer of thoughts,

Through the nights,

Hoping you’ll hear me,

Once in a while.

I am Nothing,

Worthless but for one,

Nothing can take me,

Nothing will cower,

Until the day of all will come.

I am Nothing,

I hear your tears,

Your secret wishes,

I am lonely,

But I’m only Nothing.

I am Nothing,

Not worth a thing,

I do not matter,

I cannot sing.

Nothing is gone,

Nothing is wrong,

Except maybe me,

And this is my song.

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