I am Free

January 12th, 1995

Dear Diary,

This dream, this painful dream.  Why can’t I escape from the expanding universe that has become my dreams?  I cannot seem to find a way out.  There is no light to guide me, nothing to get me through this awful black tunnel.  Save me, save me, I try to scream, but no words will come out.  I feel as though I will never wake, like I’m going to be stuck like this forever, my lips frozen in a silent scream of horror, body stiff as it tries to run, but fails.  There is no way out.  There is no hope left for me anymore.  I am stuck forevermore in this terrible dream that I myself created.  And then, I see it.  A tunnel, the light, basking me in the sunshine again.  And it is beautiful.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Then I scream.  It was so confusing.



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