I am a wolf,

I roam alone,

In the woods,

When no one’s home.

I cry at moons,

And gaze at stars,

You would assume,

I’m free; unbarred.

But I am trapped,

In my own prison,

My strength is sapped,

My pain arisen.

I am lonely,

I have no one,

But one and only,

I have the sun.

I have the moon,

I have the stars,

I have my doom,

That’s all that matters.

I tell myself,

Not to listen,

Not to watch you,

Whilst you glisten.

I try not to,

But I cannot,

I cannot, it’s true,

I just can’t stop.

I can’t stop jealousy,

I can’t stop sadness,

I only feel lousy,

When trapped in this madness.

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