Nothing’s Grave

I know no pain, but hurt another,

I pay no heed to sadness smothered,

No hate ails me, nor will I forget,

The day my pain became regret.

I am not real, not anymore,

I feel no hate to those who soar,

And sadness you cannot control,

Becomes another needy soul.

I am a universe, yet nothing at all,

I am no fun while having a ball,

My existence may be unbeknown,

 In the moans of these old bones.

I am the destroyer of those held dear,

Yet I am the memory of hope’s peer,

You do not know me, nor I you,

Of your identity, I don’t have a clue!

I am the bravest of them all,

I am the tallest of the tall,

I am the voice inside your head,

I am the one that is already dead.

You do not know me, I am not here,

I am not close, I’m not even near,

I live not, nor do I die,

And this is the place where Nothing lies.

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