Dear that Person I met Today


Dear That Person I met Today,

Is this a dream when you look at me, right into my eyes?  Like I’m not invisible?  Like I do exist?  It must be.  It can’t be anything but a dream, for those who see me must already be dead.  Are you dead?  Are you lonely?  I’m not.  I get to see people a lot.  But being dead isn’t easy, is it?  It’s not fun at all, especially when you talk to someone who can’t talk back.  I sometimes feel like I’m talking to walls.  Do you ever feel like that?  I suppose I do get lonely sometimes, but don’t we all?  Don’t we all feel so lonely, like we are not supposed to be here?  I guess the main difference is, I’m not.  I shouldn’t exist.  Some stupid person dreamed me up and now I’m stuck here forever in this world.  Maybe that person was you.  Was it?  Or don’t you know?  I have so many more questions, but somehow I know I cannot ask them, for you cannot answer, so, I suppose this is my goodbye to you.  This is my way of getting closure on this world, saying farewell.

So, farewell, I guess.

From, Me.

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