I know I lost something…. just, what was it?  It was something important.  Very important.  But if it’s so important, how come I ‘ve forgotten about it?  I don’t remember anything.  That word… what was that word?  It meant something to me.  It means something to everyone, I just know it.  This something shouldn’t have been forgotten.  It was far too important.  If only I could remember.  I am old now, and until I remember what I have forgotten long ago, I will not die.  I will simply shrivel up until I am a pile of rotting bones, but still, I won’t die.  My spirit will still be there, waiting, begging for finality, for closure.  It will stay there, wondering, hoping to remember what time made it forget.  My time is limited, but still, my soul stays.  It will stay there, still intact with my body until I remember that word.  That one word that will set me free, free from this world of agony and death.  My body begins to die, but my soul does not budge.  I am too stubborn for that.  And suddenly, the word comes back to me at last.  Memory.  Remember.  I remember everything that I have forgotten, and my soul starts to drift away from my old dead body.  “Thank you,” I whisper.

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