The Slice that Keeps me Alive

They hear my pleas

But no one listens,

And no one sees,

The tears that glisten.

They see my pain,

But no one cares,

I think I’m insane,

Too hard to bear.

They hear my whispers,

Quiet but still,

My only whimpers,

Are daggers that kill.

They hear my heart beat,

Steady and slow,

Sweat forms a thin sheet,

Just above my brow.

They see the knife,

How it skims over my skin,

Takes only a slice,

It’s the pain that wins.

They see the blood,

But none care to bandage,

My tears are a flood,

My heart a cage.

I lay down the blade,

No tears dare come now,

The farewell I bade,

More to later endow.

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