When the Life Force Forgets

I was a dreamer,

Far, far, back in time,

A rememberer, a seer, a fantasist,

These were my titles,

My titles they are still,

Until one day,

Long, long ago, in time,

I had a vision, a memory,

Of what I was before,

I was a beauty, a spirit,

Alive and well,

Pulled by the life force,

To move on and join it,

In a beautiful river, as a beautiful memory,

I will stay as good,

And beautiful, and caring,

I am a memory now,

But isn’t that all we are?

Aren’t we all just memories,

Made of them, making them?

This stream, my strength,

Pulls all like a magnet,

From it we are born,

And to it we shall return,

Until one day we are forgotten,

One day, a very long, long time away,

Forget me, dear life force,

Release me from your spell,

Let me pass unto the eternal darkness,

And let me forget,

Pains of past lives,

Dreams that remain undreamed,

Lost forever,

When the life force forgets.

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