I will survive

“No, don’t,” Karan said, “don’t tell me a lie. And don’t even pretend to cry.” David looked at her sheepishly. “What do you mean?” He said, a little bit too brightly. Karan could have poisoned him just with the look she gave him. She doesn’t say anything, she is too angry to talk. “I’m sorry,” David whined, breaking the unnatural quiet between them. “Don’t act all apologetic. It’s not helping your case.” Karan muttered, almost too quiet for him to hear. She hated this boy standing in front of her, this boy who had pretended to be her friend. Then he had gone and fallen in love with Lulu, of course. Lulu was one of the most popular girls in school and no doubt the most beautiful. Every boy in school eventually succumbed to her charm. I was no competition for her, just your average lonely loser with about one other friend. David had been her boyfriend. Then Lulu decided to chase after him, leaving Karan hopeless and friendless. Backstabbing diva. You see, Karan and Lulu had once been friends, good friends, before Lulu decided she was too good for Karan. Well, that’s highschool for you. A big competition to see who will survive longest.  I will survive.

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