I was there

When you think that you’ve gone crazy,

And all has gone to waste,

When good times seem so hazy,

And you ran from them with haste,

When life turns away from you

But you don’t quite know why,

And all the crowd does is boo

You, even though all you did was try.

When sadness rips your life apart

And hope has turned to despair,

When you’re so lonely in your heart,

And your mind’s in disrepair,

When good times happen without trouble,

And life is just a dare,

When you come out of your little bubble,

Just remember; I’ll be there.

When determination turns to dust,

And anger’s in the air,

When metal friendships begin to rust,

And no one seems to care,

When no one wants to be your friend,

And loneliness steals your heart,

When you feel you don’t belong again,

I was there right from the start.

I was the friend that you’d forgotten then,

For you, I was still there,

The rules and problems I would bend,

To keep you in my care,

I stayed your friend through everything,

And you didn’t even know,

So when you think,  I’m no king,

I was there through rain and snow.

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