That’s When

When happiness takes my unfeeling heart,

And when a mountain moves with a start,

When the dead resume their life again,

That’s when I will be your friend.

When smiles mean nothing but “I’m okay,”

And tears just mean, “Good luck today,”

When people smile over their lost dreams,

That’s when you will hear my screams.

When rivers flow backwards, and a whisper’s worth a shout,

And people speak back to front, leaving no doubt,

When death is only a symbol of love,

That’s when I’ll smile on you from above.

When people never lose their way,

And the ocean turns against the bay,

When memories turn to dust once more,

That’s when you, I will adore.

When quantity is more than quality,

And every person achieves equality,

And when there’s nothing left to do,

That’s when I’ll stop loving you.

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