Whilst everyone wallows in pain within,

They blast their music to erase the din,

I listen sadly for their cries,

Mournful, despairing, as they fill the skies.

I breathe a little deeper, hold on to my thoughts,

What more destruction have they now wrought?

I won’t, I can’t, I will not let sorrow win,

For I’d be opening the door, welcoming darkness in.

Hope, faith, mean nothing now,

Honour and chivalry reduced to a bow,

These once beautiful gestures are only just that,

They too fade away, not an eyelid was bat.

A river, a beauty, don’t ever forget,

The River of Life, where at the shore, Death met,

All this despair, so empty of hope,

Leaves one and for all to cry and to mope,

But one lonely soul there, it is somewhere quite low,

That one lonely souls whispers, “Hello, hello”.

Dream again, little soul, past all remorse,

With the river left to carve its course,

When all is lost and you’re on the down low,

Always remember, that who said, “Hello.”

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