No More

I am a monster.  Perhaps I feel sad, but I am a monster.  I can not deny that.  Every human in this world is one.  And I am lonely.  Lonelier than every monster on this planet.  Like I don’t belong, like I will always, and forever be alone.  Some tell me I am not a monster, but that is not true.  “Tell me,” I’d say, “if I’m not a monster, than why does no one come near me?”  They don’t answer, just shuffle silently away, leaving me to the suffer in my own company.  I wish I could breathe in this room that has become my coffin.  I can’t be happy.  For that to happen, I’d have to destroy a little more of this once beautiful Earth, and I don’t want to destroy.  No more.  I pollute this place simply by being alive.  I haven’t eaten in weeks.  I don’t even remember the last time I smiled.  I took one more shuddering breath, and collapsed.  This world is too much for me now.  No more!

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