Just a little note to help you stay safe….


Kaylee had had a nervous flutter in her stomach ever since she had strolled onto the path she usually took to get home.  She recognized her nervous flutter as one of the signs that people got when they were in danger.  Something wasn’t right.  She stopped walking for a moment and looked around.  Recognise.


A man was behind her, coming towards her.  Instinct told her that the man was dangerous and she trusted her instinct this time.  She turned and ran as fast as she could.  React.


The path she took was usually so quiet, so no cars would pass.  The man was still walking, gaining speed, catching up.  She thought of five people she could trust.  Her parents: they were too far away to help her.  Her friends: she didn’t know anyone who lived around there.  The police: she didn’t have a phone on her.  Her neighbours: They were also too far away.  Her final option was to find a safety house.  There were plenty around the area.  She kept running until she found one of the little yellow signs.  She exhaled with relief as she pounded on the front door.  She was answered by a kindly middle-aged woman, who let her in, to safety.  Report.


Once inside, Kaylee told the woman everything and she also rang her parents to tell them that she was safe, thanks to her powers of recognise, react and report.  You can be safe like Kaylee, too.  All you have to do is RECOGNISE, REACT AND REPORT!


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