I’m Lonely

I angrily wipe tears with my hand backs,

And try to muster knowledge I lack,

Who has awoken this angry beast?

That’s all I can say, the very least.

My heart confuddles what my mind cannot,

Leaping into a thought-bound trot,

The anger that this beast has arisen,

Will surely be slain for high treason.

I think of how things used to be,

When happiness was what used to be me,

But anger meddles with my lonely heart,

Fear mingles in; that’s only the start!

Cold winds blow from one place to another,

And the white blanket that falls is more than a cover,

For the dead, dry earth that is my soul,

The bare patch of grass that winter stole.

Can one live in a place of cold wonder,

Without a single stumble, nor even a blunder?

I don’t think so, not in the least,

For that’s what lies at the heart of the beast.

When my fingers rip at the fabric of me,

They leave scars only I can see,

But the pain is more than hard to bear,

Not that anyone would really care.

I know my life is worth none,

A worthless price, at least for some,

I will destroy myself, I think, one day,

When on my worthless back I lay.

No tears spill, worthless too,

How could they with no one for comfort, not even you?

No one can bear this pain alone,

Not even a wolf, alone, he roams.

I wish I could trade my life for another,

I have no one, not even a lover,

To share my dreams, my secret worries,

No one to ever say, “I’m sorry.”

But perhaps one day, maybe this one,

A death suitable for me will come,

And I will roam the earth once more,

As a lonely soul, yes, of the Earth’s core.

One Response to “I’m Lonely”

  1. jalal michael sabbagh86@gmail.comgravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com Says:

    Beautiful thoughts.jalal

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