I Live in the Dream of Reality

Can reality be a dream, and dreams a reality?  I think so.  The way I see it, my whole life has been a realistic dream, filled with crazy ups and downs.  I know that my life’s a story, and that one day, when I’m re-reading it, I want it to be good enough to read again.  What I don’t get, is that why do we choose only the things that will destroy us the most?  Always choosing the thing we’ll never get, befriending someone who we know will stab us in the back (Perhaps we’re trying to see the good in them?).  It seems to be some strange habit that everyone picks up along the way, and when we think about it, we regret our decision for the rest of our lives.  Maybe, it’s just God’s way of making us stronger.  Maybe, there’s no reason for it at all.  Either way, it’s an annoying habit I’d really like to quit.  In a way, it kind of reminds me of smoking.  Once your hooked, you can’t stop.  And that’s what makes our lives so hard.

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