I feel like I’m ever falling, falling, falling,

Body can’t keep up with mind,

And my spirit it comes calling, calling, calling,

For a hope I’m left to find.

These tears that I’ve been crying, crying, crying,

They only slow me down,

Inside I think I’m sighing, sighing, sighing,

Yet my mouth makes not a sound.

A tear escapes its prison, prison, prison,

A very dry and desperate eye,

I am no longer a person, person, person,

Some say I should just die.

But determination takes over, over, over,

And I know I can’t give up,

Knowing I will never have a lover, lover lover,

Nor a hater that will sup.

I scream a little louder, louder, louder,

Hoping somebody will hear,

But all is just a doubter, doubter, doubter,

No one’s ears will my screams pierce.

I think that now the end’s here, end’s here, end’s here,

My life has stretched too far,

 No darkness there is left to fear, to fear, to fear,

Now I am just a scar.

Goodbye, the world I dreamed in, dreamed in, dreamed in,

Such a long, long time ago,

This dark world I screamed in, screamed in, screamed in,

Now I’m just a silent echo.

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