Pain never really leaves you.  Once it’s there, it’s there for good.  But it lessens with time, and suddenly you stop hurting and just want to forgive.  Suddenly, you don’t really care anymore.  Suddenly, a voice in your head says, “Let it end.”  And that’s okay.  That voice is the old, wise one that all minds have.  We are just not aware of it yet.  As we grow older, we start hearing that voice more and more, telling us things that we hadn’t ever known.  Age makes us aware of that wise little voice in our heads that tells us to let everything go.  And age makes us trust that little voice.  As we grow older, suddenly, that voice gets louder, and it becomes a big voice, and a big part of our lives.  I think that’s what maturity really is: being able to listen – without doubts – to that little voice in our heads.

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