Here is Heaven

Here is Heaven,

A world for all the souls,

Who lived and died,

And now reside,

Their hearts like burning coals.

Here is Heaven,

A dream for all the minds,

Who hoped and wished,

And now we miss,

Those loved ones Heaven finds.

Here is Heaven,

A memory for those lost,

Whom hell has found,

All those renowned,

For evil’s deadly cost.

Here is Heaven,

A wish for all the hearts,

The strong and failing,

The weak and flailing,

That’s where Heaven starts.

Here is Heaven,

A smile for all the hopeless,

Who cried and cried,

With smiles of sighs,

Whose lives get less and less.

Here is Heaven,

The hopes of the innocent,

The ones who smiled,

All through tough times,

With all the help they lent.

Here is Heaven,

And light of all its glory,

That loved ones found,

And now abound,

And this is Heavens story.

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