The words leap off the page as I stare,

Replaced by pictures; a three dimensional lair,

Imagination grabs my mind,

Not letting go of it’s own kind.

I see the bad guys, their genius plans,

The good guys’ deadline, an hourglass of sands,

I see their world, just as they see,

The tiniest details, the flowers, and bees.

I hear their laughs and see their smiles,

I laugh along with them for a little while,

I hear the world bustling around,

Yet reality never makes as much as a sound.

Their fear is mine, striking my heart,

Striking straight through, like a poisoned dart,

I freeze, stop, stare the bad guys down,

And then I remember and feel such a clown.

For hear I am, alone in my home,

Fear goes away, my excitement has grown,

I look back to the page in front,

And in my mind I’m on a tree stump.

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