The Beauty of Music

The beauty of music is never to be taken for granted or underestimated, for it lodges itself in your mind and stays there, reminding you of your long forgotten past.  It takes hold and refuses to let go, and in the long run, it’s always for the better.  Music has the ability to twist or change you into a whole different person, making you more confident, or more kind.  It makes you see the pains this world has been submerged in, or the love that a single person has died for.  Even if you forget it, you will never forget it’s influence on you, because it will always be there, never to disappear.  Never underestimate music, for it has a strange sort of power to change even the most twisted person into someone to look up to.  Only monsters refuse to truly listen and realise how beautiful music really is, for, what kind of monster hates music?

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