Tears stream freely down my face,

Painting it a soulful grey,

With all that’s cared for held in place,

With the sadness of last May.

Try on a smile just for fun,

Wishing hope for all,

Things can disappear at once,

To any beck or call.

Wind through my hair is a pleasure,

I know that one for certain,

This rush of adrenaline is a treasure,

To be treasured, like a friend.

Beauty now so hard to find,

In every place but one,

All beauty that used to be mine,

Was lost when it succumbed.

An age so truly desolate,

A breath is all it takes,

To restore ‘fore it’s too late,

Save me, for all sakes.

The world has turned so grey, right now,

No need to be afraid,

And all the wolves that used to prowl,

Have given up the raid.

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