Behind the Sunrise

There is a rainbow there, behind that sunrise.  It lies there, unreachable, waiting for the time when people will finally see it, recognise it.  The beauty of it is unfathomable, for no one has seen its true beauty.  This rainbow is beyond destruction, beyond the hope that the sun will rise today, and every day.  Sometimes we catch glimpses of it, but, like a puzzle, we can not piece together the whole picture.  Here, beauty is a matter so trivial, and vanity is ever so pointless.  A paradise, a place to go to escape fears, memories of the past.  Here, angels sing, and a smile is as precious as a jewel.  Beyond that sunrise lies the hopes of the world, that peace might one day be possible, that people may get along.  A dream, as real as you and me, never reveals itself.  Money is foreign, for there is no need for it here.  All you have to do to give endless joy, is a smile.  It costs nothing more.  You may ask, “If it is so beautiful, why not show itself?”  but deep inside, you know the answer.  It is afraid that if it shows itself, we humans would destroy it too, like all other beautiful things.  Eventually, our hands will destroy all that is, or once was, beautiful.  Nothing fights there, and nothing ever dies there.  A place bathed in light, bright as the sun, yet never blinding.  What is this place, you may ask, well, the answer is: Heaven

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