Scream for Help

You look into a room and see four or five dark, hooded figures staring back at you.  Their eyes are red and glowing, and that, for some reason, terrifies you.  You run out of the room, not surprised when they run after you, with surprising speed.  Oh well, you think, at least I got a head start.  But you don’t have much time.  You’ll never run them out, they’re too fast.  They were vaguely human, but didn’t seem so smart, so maybe you could trick them?  You realise suddenly that your thoughts are slowing you down, and you are millimetres from their grasp.  You scream, but sometimes screaming doesn’t help.  No, screaming rarely ever helps, but you’re so terrified that you have no idea what else to do.  You lose your breath, slow down to a stop.  For some strange reason, you note that they have stopped too.  You step towards them and touch the air in front of you with a finger.  You feel a slight zap, and realise that someone has put a ward between you and the demon-things.  If either of you tried to pass through it, you would be dead in seconds.  “Suits me,” you mutter and walk towards the exit, “Good riddance.”

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