Painless Life

You cannot let me die,

No, not from this sorrowful life,

Where ups and downs do play their part,

From my life you will never depart.

You cannot let me be,

Who YOU want to see,

When nothing here at all makes sense,

Sometimes you can be so dense.

You cannot let the pain,

Wash away foolishness with rain,

Mistakes so easy for you to make,

They put all of our lies at stake.

You cannot let me know why,

Why you had to lie,

‘Bout the painless way of life,

A day of sadness, sorrow and strife.

You cannot let the sun go down,

To give the earth a golden crown,

As it sets, another day,

On a bed of ashes I lay.

You cannot let your loneliness leave,

Though it’s more than I believe,

That this heart holds many, many scars,

As many as the distant scars.

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