I Sent My Heart Somewhere that Day

I sent my heart somewhere that day,

Somewhere very far away,

I threw my heart away that day,

That day, the very same.

I willed my heart to go that day,

To make my feelings go, they say,

I told my heart to stay away,

That horrible, bashful day.

I haven’t a heart to this day,

Where in the flower fields I lay,

I lost my heart so long, that day,

Without feelings I stayed awake.

My heart disappeared, in a way,

From myself, feeling very grey,

My emotions went somewhere too, that day,

Now I don’t trust what they say.

When my heart went away that day,

A terrible lie they did say,

I don’t believe them, now I’m a ray,

Of beautiful sunshine throughout the dark grey.

I sent my heart away that day,

Oh, that wonderful fateful day!

My heart would never stay away,

Not till this very day.

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