The girl closed her sleepy eyes and plunged into a world of dreams and darkness.  The only time she was really free was when she was asleep.  There was no better time, she thought, than night.  Night strokes your head when you are crying and tells you, “Everything will be okay.”  Night shares un-whispered secrets, and keeps your darkest secrets from the death of your dreams.  Night listens to your secret dreams and thoughts and shares your excitement when nobody else knows that you are glad.  Night is always there for you, through everything.  When there is nothing left, when all people are doing is crying and being rejected, night is always there by your side.  Night is darkness to lean against, a friend’s shoulder to cry on.  Night will never disappear, never go away.  Whoever wishes to destroy night, would be your enemy.  If you had nothing left, and then somebody took away night too, where would you go?  Who would you turn to?  The girl’s dreams turn to nightmares, and when she wakes up screaming, the dark of night calms her down and she remembers that she was sleeping safely in her own bed.  There is nothing quite as comforting as the darkness of night.  When the girl wanted to do something different, to leap out and plunge into the unknown, she thought of night and was instantly comforted.  The only true friend, the only thing she could count on to always be there was night.

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