I Promise to Smile

I promise to smile,

Even just for a little while,

I promise to laugh an awful lot,

And that my smiles will never rot,

In a cold dark prison oblivious to the stars,

Unable to slip through the bars.

I promise to never cry,

About a matter as trivial as a lie,

I promise to try to be myself,

And never hide up on a shelf,

Where I will never truly see,

A beauty quite as deep as thee.

I promise to sing quite a bit,

Even if I am a ditz,

I promise to never lie,

Never again, not even try,

To lie a lie to make you cry,

A lie so bad to make you die.

I promise I’ll be your very best friend,

Our friendship to be sowed, but not to rend,

It would be cruel, it would be dire,

Of me even to tire,

For your presence will never truly die,

Like a friendship so heavy as a sigh.

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