From Confused

Dear Whoever This Concerns,
Why does love burn?
Why does love sting like a little bee?
Why is love so blind that you cannot see?
I ask you why because,
My cheeks right now are red as a rose,
For I do not truly understand,
The love that is as deep as man.
Why is love not unconditional?
Why is love not at all rational?
Whoever This Concerns is a funny name,
My name is like that, one and the same.
Love never stops to catch it’s breath,
Love is black and white as death.
I ask you why and why again,
Why is love as dark as Satan?
Why does love make me oh-so-scared?
Like I was always, but never dared?
I promise you, dear Whoever,
I shall never ever say never.
I also promise this isn’t a ruse,
From your dear, dear, dear Confused.

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