A Friendship That was Never Born

You ate me up inside,

Made sure my tears never dried,

You hungrily ate every sigh,

Every exasperation of mine.

You created something fake,

Just for the sake,

Of trying to make,

Me cry a lake.

We never truly got along,

You never made me sing a song,

What I thought was friendship, I was wrong,

You were my ‘friend’ for so very long.

The length it took to say you’re sorry,

You never truly did worry,

About our ‘friendship’, you weren’t concerned,

All that is left has now been burned.

Not a single photo now is kept,

No memories will have leapt,

For now I have very soundly slept,

And very gladly have I dreamt.

I promise you now that you are gone,

Your disappearing presence I will not mourn,

You always treated me with lots of scorn,

Now with a friendship that was never born.

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