My ‘Friend’

Now you are no longer my friend,

Not a helping hand did you lend,

Not a single listening ear,

I hope I never again hear your leers.

My hopelessness against yours,

Don’t come crawling back on all fours,

All you ever did was rend,

My ‘dear friend’.

You said you’d always be there for me,

But you’re not, don’t you see?

That friends don’t abandon,

Not at random.

It really is sad to see,

That you were one closest to me,

I gave you my all, I gave you my best,

But all I ever got was the rest.

Who ever said that you were my friend?

This rift you created will never mend.

Don’t ever come back to me,

Don’t even try; just leave me be!

All you ever cared about was trend,

You were never ever going to be my ‘friend’.

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