Please, Take a Little Time out of Your Busy Lives…

To whoever it is reading this, please, take a little time out of your busy lives to think about all of the neglected animals out there that need a little love.  I’m not saying you should go out and adopt an animal, just that you consider their rights.  As Jeremy Bentham said, the question is not, “Can they reason?” or, “Can they speak?”  but rather, “Can they suffer?”  Think of all of the animals who have starved all their lives, the abandoned, the mistreated, and ask yourself, would you treat another human like that?  To help describe to you what it would be like, I wrote a story through the eyes of a neglected dog.


You used to love me more than anything, and cared for me more than you cared for anything else.  When you were sad, I would cheer you up, and when you were happy, I would share your happiness.  You were my best friend.  But then one day, you left me in a box on the side of the road, like a broken toy you didn’t want anymore.  I couldn’t understand why you would abandon me so cruelly, but I kept hoping you would come back, that you would pick me up in that cardboard box and say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” but you never did.  I was left without food, nothing to keep me warm but a soft, threadbare blanket that smelt like you.  It reminded me of all of those times when I snuggled up with you in your bed in winter, to keep warm.  That roadside was very lonely, and not many cars passed by.  Every time I did, I would poke my head out of my box and hope that it was you, or at least someone who cared enough to love me again.  I was starving, without a thing to eat for months.  You never did come back.  Every time I thought of you, my heart ached with a new pang of loneliness.  Now, when I am sure I am going to die in this cold, dark world, you are just a fading memory.  I knew that right here, and right now, there wasn’t going to be a happy ending for me.  I couldn’t believe humans could be so heartless.  So right now, on this dark day, my stomach aches and I know it will be one of my last pains.  My memories of you are nearly forgotten, except for one of you as a cruel, lonely person.  Yet even with that as my last memory of you, I wish you a happy life, and I will wait for you in the bright light of heaven.  Flashes of the past blink into my mind, made foggy by hunger and I remember how happy we were together.  I have questions in my mind, questions that I desperately want to ask, like, “Why me?”  and “How could you?”  but time won’t allow it.  My days are over, and I close my eyes, waiting for a bright light to envelop me.  It smells of the love that you forgot to give me.

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