The Moon Pond

It had been five days since we had been abandoned by our friends and family, left in a desolate wasteland.  At least there was a hut there.  As I sat on a make-shift chair in the shabby little hut, I watched my lover, Garth as he collected firewood.  I looked down at my swelling stomach and sighed.  I was six months pregnant, and I was worried that the baby would die if we tried to raise it here.  When Garth came back, he started a fire and some food, then settled down on the chair next to me.  We watched the moon rise together every night, but this time, it seemed even brighter, more lubricant.  “Elissa, do you think we’ll be trapped here for the rest of our lives?”  whispered Garth, sounding like a scared little child.  “I really don’t know, Garth,” I replied with great sadness in my voice.  Garth got up and got the cooked food off the fire.  Schnitzel tonight.  Garth handed me one on a plate he had found in one of the cupboards and smiled.  He took one for himself and settled down again.  After that we talked long into the cold night.


I noticed something very strange happening during the night.  The moon seemed to move closer and closer with each passing hour.  By about midnight it had settled on the ground, the surface shimmering, like a pond.  I rushed outside, grabbing Garth’s hand and gazed at the moon pond.  Suddenly, I knew that we shouldn’t touch it.  “Don’t touch it!”  I cried to Garth.  I looked  over at him and realised that his eyes had glazed over and he was reaching out to touch the pool.  I snatched his hand away.  I must have been immune to the call of the moon pond, because I didn’t get the urge to touch it like Garth.  Garth was on the opposite side of the moon pond now.  He grabbed my arm and yanked it and I feel into the moon pool.  Sinking, sinking.  Did this pool have an end?  I decided no.  I was stuck sinking forever, eventually losing my identity.  Tears streamed down my face as I realised that I could never have my precious baby, never spend days playing with her.  I was lost in the moon pool.  I sunk lower and lower, yet at the same time, going no where at all.  All noise from the surface had been blocked off.  I heard a splash and looked around, seeing Garth.  He no longer had a glazed look in his eyes, and he embraced me.  I fell into his arms in the never-ending moon pond, weeping.  Weeping for my lost life, my lost baby, my lost everything.  It was only later I realised that Garth jumped in because he loved me.  I decided that I would spend the rest of eternity in his arms.

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