Feel Better

Someday, I’ll feel better.  Someday, I won’t feel all this pain anymore.  Maybe then, I’ll be able to handle it.  But right now, that’s just impossible.  A person can only take so much battering before they break.  I broke three months ago.  Now I’m just a shell full of painful memories, empty of any happiness.  They say that in a few years I will laugh about it and think that it was silly, but I don’t think that’s possible either.  Once a person’s broken, it’s hard to fix them again.  I haven’t laughed for weeks, my cheeks sagging from the pain of not smiling.  Dry tears still sting my once smooth skin.  Although I’m young, I have many wrinkles as results of crying so much.  Sometimes I think that if there is a God out there, he just wants to see how much pain I can take.  I used to love someone, used to have lots of friends until one of them, one I shouldn’t have even met destroyed everything.  Now, I don’t have any friends, I suffer silently on my own.  My mother must be so worried, but I don’t know how to fix everything again.  I don’t think I can.  I think I will just have to try and live with myself…

2 Responses to “Feel Better”

  1. charmedbylove Says:

    cheer up you! i suffered the same agony a few months back, but remember, your friends and family wouldn’t want to see you in this state, they would want to see you back smiling. and in a few years time, you can laugh/smile and say, “i’ve grown – emotionally”. Take care! 🙂

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