Living the Hard Way

My throat constricted and I felt a big weight in my chest – like someone was trying to pull my heart out.  It was a horrible feeling and whenever I was upset it would wrench the tears out of my eyes like some sort of tear magnet.  I hugged my old teddy bear, who was so old, stuffing was falling out in more places than one.  It didn’t make me feel any better though.  It just made me feel more lonely.  I was upset, but had no idea why.  I stayed standing up, afraid that if I went down, I would never get back up.  Hours flew by and yet no one came to my aid.  I knew that they never would, though.  I had no one.  At least I could rest my head on my own shoulder.  Tears flowed down my cheeks, nothing else happening, yet I still wished for something better, anything.  But deep down, I knew it would never happen.  I didn’t deserve any better.  And why should I?

One Response to “Living the Hard Way”

  1. Nishajyoti Sharma Says:

    “At least I could rest my head on my own shoulder.”…. amazingly worded!

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