Hello, my name is Carli. I live in a small country town called Iril, possibly the smallest in all of Charrei, the cruel, beautiful country I live in. I have brown shoulder length hair, which covers my left eye, light skin, and iridescent blue eyes. I didn’t ask for my life to be like this, I didn’t ask for any of this confusion. I always knew I was different. At school I was always ignored, because I wasn’t meant to be born, and then I met Blaire. She didn’t care that I wasn’t supposed to exist. But then we were separated.

Okay, so I guess I should start at the beginning. My father was a disgusting monster. I was the result of a rape. I was an only child (well, I guess there was my brother, but he died at birth), and a couple of years later, my father was jailed because of his deed. That’s why I wasn’t meant to be born. When I was seven, my mother was forced to disown me. I didn’t understand why, but later I realized that I was unwanted. The kids at the orphanage often teased me, and I was in a dormitory all alone. I spent a year there, and that woman adopted me. I never speak her name, because I’ve always been afraid of her. She adopted me saying, “Sad that it should end this way, yet completely fitting.” I never knew what she meant, and I hoped I never would.

I think my life has always been hopeless. The woman who made my life miserable always treated me as if I wasn’t important.

I always thought that were true, until I went to Iril Primary, when I was ten. That exact day, I met Blaire. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She made me feel wanted, needed. I suppose that woman just enjoyed seeing me miserable. I suppose she thought it was funny, because as soon as she heard about my new friend, she decided to send me far away, to Glen to study there. I was heart-broken. By that time, I had completely forgotten to think about what had become of my mother. To be honest, I didn’t really care. She disowned me, made me suffer. Because of her, I met that woman.

It was horrible in Glen. No-one acknowledged my existence. I was only noticed when Natalia, the most popular girl there, decided to pick on me. It was horrible, with her taunting me about not mattering, and wishing that I dropped dead. Every night in my dorm room, I cried myself to sleep. Even though the school was full of people, I felt so alone, as if the school had been abandoned for a hundred years.

As the days gradually became longer, I dreamed of escape more and more. Then, one night, I had the most peculiar dream. It was about a girl called Kalyx. It told me she was in the Cara Desert, and she needed help. Unfortunately, I had to endure one more day of torture. Naturally, it had to be the worst so far. Eventually, night fell, and I began to make my escape.

Luckily, there weren’t any guards posted at night, although the government had pleaded, the school principal was just too stubborn. Even so, I decided to go out the back way. It was easier, plus it was closer to the Cara Desert. Before I got out of school grounds, I sneaked into the kitchen and stole a bottle of water, bread, cheese, and an apple. I escaped the school easily, but I hid in every shadow, and crept into every crevice. Soon, all I saw was golden sand. I was finally in the Cara desert.

As soon as I got there, the voice I heard in my dream, told me where I’d find Kalyx, as if the desert was some sort of trigger. I journeyed on for hours, but I eventually had to stop to rest. I sat down on a rock, drank some water and ate the bread and cheese. I was glad that I thought to steal food and water from the kitchen. I stopped for a while, but I finally stood up and started walking again. By mid-morning, I discovered two figures in the distance. At first, I thought they were a mirage. Even though I thought it was a mirage, I ran closer.

I saw as I moved closer, that it wasn’t a mirage, as it wasn’t disappearing. Eventually, I saw that the girl on the right looked exactly as the dream described her, (it MUST be Kalyx) and the girl on the left was… Blaire?

I felt like running up and hugging her. Instead, I said, “Hey Blaire, I didn’t expect to see you here!” “Carli!” she exclaimed to Kalyx’s clear astonishment. “What brought you here?” “I dreamt of her, Kalyx? A voice told me that she needed help, and it also told me she was here. But I didn’t know you were helping her Blaire.” I replied. It turned out that Kalyx was on a journey to save Charrei. It was a good thing too. The place was literally in ruins. That day, we walked in silence, until I couldn’t stand to keep the secret of my life from her anymore. I told her everything up to that day. Soon, night fell.

I was in charge of lighting the fire, while Blaire and Kalyx shared out the food I had brought. The fire was burning when I saw it. A blood viper. It’s the deadliest type of snake in all of Charrei. Kalyx and Blaire were completely unaware of the danger. I had to get that viper away from them. Not knowing that blood vipers hate to be poked, I foolishly poked it with a nearby stick. Of course, it attacked, and I fought valiantly to try and save my friends. By that time, Kalyx and Blaire had seen the viper and started screaming. Their screaming surprised me so much, I turned to look at them. The snake cleverly chose that moment to attack. It bit into my ankle, and I fell to the ground, wailing with pain. I heard Blaire say, “That’s a blood viper! It’s the deadliest snake in all of Charrei! Carli’s going to die!” I suddenly understood what that woman meant, and my last words were, “Sad that it should end this way, yet completely fitting.” I saw my brother, except, a twelve year old version of him. He held out his hand and I took it.

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