My Little Promise

I promise:

To do what’s right no matter the cost,

And try to forget all that I’ve lost.

To remember the people who love me so,

And love them more than they can know.

I promise:

I’ll be my best, no matter what it’ll be,

And care for someone other than me.

I’ll try to be kind to everyone I meet,

Because everyone on the way’s a treat.

I promise:

To hope enough for more than two,

And care for friends when they are blue.

I will love more than it is true,

And there won’t be days which I will rue.

I promise:

To live life to the very full,

And take the horns of the bull.

To be a friend to those who have naught,

And teach those who have not been taught.

I promise:

To be there when others are not,

And care for people more than a lot.

I will shine my light extremely bright,

And be a kid, I may, I might.

I promise:

To find someone with whom I’m in love,

Who doesn’t need a push or shove.

I will find myself a little cove,

To little to ever move.

I promise:

To see that my friends are okay,

And talk to them everyday.

To be a friend to everyone,

And always have a lot of fun.

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