Why All Glass Ghosts Are Sad

I looked at my reflection in the glass, and saw my glass ghost replica.  I wondered why all glass ghosts seem sad even when you smile.  I smiled.  The ghost smiled back, but for some reason it didn’t seem happy.  Perhaps it doesn’t like being trapped in the glass, I thought.  I walked forward, noting how the ghost seemed to disappear and reappear when I touched it.  It didn’t have feet; only a swaying dress.  I frowned, and something of a miracle happened.  The ghost trapped in the glass smiled.  Not a sad, or a regretful one.  It was a happy smile.  I touched the glass once more, and my finger went through the glass.  I touched the glass ghost, and pulled it through the glass.  It shimmered, becoming more solid, and hugged me.  Somehow I knew she would never speak again.  It didn’t matter.  She was happy.  She was no longer trapped in the glass.  Suddenly I knew why she used to be sad.  She didn’t have a friend.

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