There’s Such Thing as Miracles

Sara had suffered leukaemia her whole life,  and the doctors always said she would die at a young age.  The pain that she endured wasn’t the worst of it; the chemotherapy was.  Every time they treated her, she would keel over, vomiting, wishing she was dead.  One day, after a particularly horrible chemotherapy, she found a small piece of paper on the table beside her hospital bed.  A wish list.  She wrote down exactly what she wanted.

A friend.

As the days went by, her nurse took away her wish list.  It wasn’t long until her wish came true.  Somewhere, someone had found her a friend.  When the nurse walked one morning, in her arms she held a bundle of joy and excitement.  The nurse set it down on the bed and it started licking Sara’s face.  A dog.  For the first time in what felt like months, she smiled.  Her wish had been granted.  Everyday from that day on, the nurse brought in the little dog, whom she named Miracle.  And what a miracle it was!  Each day Sara saw Miracle, a little more colour came into her face.  She began eating more.  Her leukaemia slowly went away as her body accepted Chemo more willingly.  When she was once fading away, she was now growing.  She couldn’t disappoint Miracle.  She felt as if it were her duty to make sure she lived another day for the tiny white dog.  Soon the day came when no one thought it would, when Sara was allowed to go home.  She walked out of the hospital, with a bundle in her arms.

A Miracle.

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