Taking the Plunge

Today.  I’m going to do it today,  I told myself.  Today was the last day of the auditions for the musical.  I signed my name on the piece of paper on the board in front of me.  I had practised all week, and had all week to perform.  I was putting it off. Until now.  So after a lunch with no food, my palms sweating, I got called into the music room.  My legs were shaking, and I couldn’t stand still.  The adults sitting in front of me looked at me, their faces serious, as if I was in trouble.  One of them pulled out an I-pad, and faced it at me, ready to start taping.  I looked at the pianist, for my cue, and she nodded.  Right, I told myself, I’m going to take the plunge.  I began singing.

A note from the author

Hey again, it’s Myra!  Hope you like this story!

More to come soon.

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